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    必修五英语 Unit 5:测试评估

    作者:未知     来源:学苑新报    2016-11-15

      A ★
      I admired the world leaders burdened with solving conflicts between nations. When my three children were young, in most days it was hard to keep my house from becoming a war zone. It got worse as they grew older. Three years ago, Zack, then 16, couldn’t make it through a day without playing tricks on his sisters, Alex and Taryn, then 11 and 9.
      My husband and I tried to understand his adolescent moodiness(青春期的心情). We begged, reasoned, punished, and left heartfelt notes on his bed about how his behavior was hurting our family. His response was "I say it because it’s true."
      I even tried telling the girls to fight back. But it was a bad idea. Now I had three kids at war. Finally I poured my heart out to my sister in an e-mail. She wrote back, "Don’t e-mail me. E-mail him."
      Our son was online every day, mailing and instantly messaging his friends. So what if I was within shouting distance? Maybe he would actually hear me this way. There’d be no shouting or door slamming(砰地关上). Zack wouldn’t feel under attack. And with a few simple keystrokes (按键), he could respond. Zack didn’t reply for days. When he finally did, his entire message was five words. I expected the worst, but then smiled when I read them, "You are right. I’m sorry." The kids still fought, of course, but Zack kicked his former bad habits. Best of all, I now have an effective way to communicate with not one but three teens. They don’t ignore what I say as much. They don’t like to listen to me nag(唠叨). As Alex says, "You’re so much nicer online."
      All I know is that the house is quiet, and we’re talking. In fact, Taryn just instantly messaged me from upstairs. It’s time to take her to softball practice.
      (    )21. The purpose of this passage is to tell us ________.
      A. how to solve family problems
      B. how a mother shows her love to her children
      C. how to treat kids in a wiser way
      D. the value of understanding between parents and children
      (    )22. By the first sentence of the passage, the author really means to be _______.
      A. humorous       B. positive
      C. serious       D. cautious
      (    )23. Zack stopped fighting with his sisters because_________.
      A. his mother learned how to mail him
      B. his mother stopped shouting and nagging
      C. his sisters learned to instantly message him
      D. his mother had more friendly communication with him online
      B ★★
      Harry Houdini was one of the greatest American entertainers in the theater. He was a man famous for his escapes from prison cells, from wooden boxes floating in rivers, and from locked tanks full of water.
      He appeared in theaters all over Europe and America. Crowds came to see great Houdini and his "magic tricks." Of course, his secret wasn’t magic or supernatural powers, but it was simply strength. He had the ability to move his toes as well as his fingers. He could move his body into almost any position he wanted.
      Houdini started working in the entertainment when he was 17, in 1891. He and his brother Theo performed card tricks in a club in New York. They called themselves the Houdini Brothers. When Harry married in 1894, he and his wife Bess worked together as magician and assistant. But for a long time they were not very successful. Then Harry performed his first prison escape in Chicago in 1898. Harry persuaded a detective to let him try to escape from the prison, and he invited the local newspapermen to watch.
      It was the publicity (宣传) which came from this that started Harry Houdini’s success. Harry had fingers trained to escape from handcuffs (手铐) and toes trained to escape from ankle chains. But his biggest secret was that he unlocked the prison doors. Every time he went into the prison cell, Bess gave him a kiss for good luck and a small skeleton key, which is a key that fits many locks, passed quickly from her mouth to his.
      Harry used these prison escapes to build his fame. He arranged to escape from the local prison in every town he visited. In the afternoon, the people of the town would read about it in their local newspapers, and in the evening every seat in the local theater would be full. What was the result? Worldwide fame and a name remembered today.
      (    )24. According to the passage, Houdini’s success in prison escapes depends on ______.
      A. his special tricks and supernatural powers
      B. his unusual ability and a skeleton key
      C. his magic tricks and superhuman powers
      D. his wisdom and magic powers
      (    )25. In the fourth paragraph, the underlined word "this" refers to ______.
      A. his first prison escape
      B. the newspaper’s appearance
      C. the publicity
      D. the help from his wife
      (    )26. Which of the following is NOT true?
      A. Houdini was famous for his escapes.
      B. Houdini once worked with his brother.
      C. Houdini became famous with the help of the
      D. The skeleton key was passed from his wife’s
      hand to his.
      (    )27. Which of the following is the best title for the
      A. A skeleton key        B. Great escapes
      C. Worldwide fame     D. A man of many secrets
      C ★★
      I’m afraid to grow old — we’re all afraid. In fact, the fear of growing old is so great that every aged person is a threat to society. It reminds us of our own death. It reminds that our body won’t always remain healthy, but will someday betray (背叛) us by aging. The ideal way to age would be to grow slowly invisible(看不见的), gradually disappearing, without causing worry or pain to the young. In some way that does happen. Sitting in a small park one day, I noticed that the young mothers and their children gathered on one side, and the old people on the other.
      Whenever a youngster would run over to the "wrong" side, chasing a ball or just trying to cover all the available space, the old people would lean forward and smile. But before starting any communication, the mother would come over and take her child back to the "young" side.
      Now, it seemed to me that the children didn’t feel any particular fear and the old people didn’t seem to be threatened by the children. The division of space was drawn by the mothers. And the mothers never looked at the old people who lined the other side of the park. These well-dressed young women had a way of sliding their eyes over, around, through the old people. They never looked at them directly. The old people may as well have been invisible. They don’t meet the mothers’ standards on beauty.
      My early experiences were somewhat different. Since I grew up in a small town, my children had more of a nineteenth-century flavor. I knew a lot of old people, and considered some of them friends.
      (    )28. People are afraid of growing old because it is usually connected with ______.
      A. blame    B. threat
      C. death D. illness
      (    )29. In the author’s opinion, it is a perfect way to ______.
      A. grow old slowly and then die unnoticed
      B. grow old suddenly and then die
      C. shut oneself up from others when growing old
      D. remain young and then die suddenly
      (    )30. It can be inferred that young mothers would try to keep their children away from the old because ______.
      A. they feared their children might hurt the old
      B. they didn’t want their children to take up the space belonging to the old
      C. they felt it was wrong to play balls near where the old stayed
      D. they didn’t want their children to have anything to do with the old
      (    )31. The author believes the division between the old and the young is ______.
      A. made by people    B. unbearable
      C. formed naturally    D. traditional
      D ★★★
      St John Ambulance, Australia’s leading provider of first aid training with nearly 400,000 people taking part in it every year, is internationally recognized as a First Aid Trainer. National medical and technical organizations give a license to the content of our courses, making sure we teach the latest skills and update our course content regularly to meet both international and Australian standards. With over 100 years’ experience in first aid training, you’ll find both our public and custom-designed courses are well equipped to meet changing needs.
      The main courses are:
      Emergency First Aid
      This St John Ambulance first aid course will provide you with the skills to manage emergency first aid situations, including managing the unconscious patient, performing CPR(心肺复苏术), controlling bleeding and managing other life threatening situations. It is suitable to both people in workplaces and members of the public who want to be able to manage an emergency first aid situation.
      Apply First Aid
      The most popular St John Ambulance first aid course covers many topics to enable people to confidently manage emergency situations, providing care for the ill or injured until medical aid arrives. It is suitable to both people in workplaces and members of the public who want training in first aid.
      Most workplaces require certain numbers of people to successfully complete this qualification(资格). The Apply First Aid qualification remains legal for three years.
      Occupational First Aid
      This is the most advanced St John Ambulance course, designed for people employed as a first aider and those eager to be employed as one. It covers Advanced First Aid as well as keeping first aid equipment and resources. Taking this course requires a current Senior First Aid certificate(文凭). This qualification remains legal for three years, during which time an Occupational First Aid refresher course must be completed.
      Remote (遥远的) Area First Aid
      This course is designed to meet the first aid needs of bushwalkers, climbers, cavers, outdoor / adventure instructors, wilderness guides, or people who work and live in remote locations. This qualification remains legal for three years, during which time a recertification course must be completed.
      (    )32. According to the passage, St John Ambulance________.
      A. has trained 400,000 people altogether
      B. is the biggest first aid provider in Australia
      C. is supported by the government
      D. offers first aid courses that are constantly progressing
      (    )33. All the following courses offer qualifications which remain legal for 3 years EXCEPT _______.
      A. Remote Area First Aid
      B. Apply First Aid
      C. Emergency First Aid
      D. Occupational First Aid
      (    )34. The main purpose of the passage is to _________.
      A. ask people to have a good knowledge of first aid
      B. advise people to take some first aid training courses
      C. introduce some first aid training courses
      D. encourage people to save others in danger
      (    )35. From the passage we can know Remote Area First Aid __________.
      A. is suitable for males to learn
      B. mainly helps adventurers
      C. offers training for free
      D. provides care for the poor
      I think we should try to find a happy memory, something to cheer us up on those unpleasant days. I’m saying this because I think I just found mine!
      I had some work in Glasgow then. I was on a really   41      schedule, which meant I would have no time for myself all day. I was having one of those days. The train was completely       42      and conversations going on around me seemed to be particularly       43     . Besides, I had a bit of a headache.      44      quickly across the station hall, I found some      45      from my pocket. There was usually someone at the exit       46      The Big Issue, a magazine that helps homeless people earn a living.
      47      the crowd parted at the bottom of the hall, I saw someone selling The Big Issue. It seemed that she really had been sleeping    48   . She was dressed  49  and she obviously hadn’t washed for quite a while.
      As I     50    the exit, I saw that she was     51   from side to side. At first I thought maybe she was trying to keep       52      against the biting wind. But she wasn’t; she was moving in time to a tune(曲子). I couldn’t hear her, but I could see her       53      moving.
      When I got closer, I saw a white       54      hanging from her elbow and noticed that she had sunken eyes. She was     55     , dirty and living on streets. I came closer and through the       56      of the traffic I heard her
      57     the immortal(不朽的) line, "... and I think to myself, what a wonderful world!"
      I bought her last magazine that I’d       58      to buy. She thanked me, then she       59      her belongings and felt her way with the stick along the pavement — still singing!
      So, I have my happy       60      for the day. And I think it will stay with me for a long, long time.
      (    )41. A. enjoyable         B. relaxing
      C. tight              D. tiring
      (    )42. A. crowded          B. old
      C. damp              D. admirable
      (    )43. A. moving           B. interesting
      C. pleasing             D. meaningless
      (    )44. A. Sliding           B. Walking
      C. Guiding           D. Searching
      (    )45. A. cigarettes         B. sweets
      C. change           D. paper
      (    )46. A. selling           B. buying
      C. collecting          D. delivering
      (    )47. A. With            B. Since
      C. Until              D. As
      (    )48. A. well            B. badly
      C. soundly             D. deeply
      (    )49. A. in rags          B. in ruins
      C. in time              D. in place
      (    )50. A. left              B. passed
      C. approached         D. examined
      (    )51. A. jumping          B. climbing
      C. rolling             D. rocking
      (    )52. A. active           B. energetic
      C. warm               D. awake
      (    )53. A. face        B. lips      C. legs       D. arms
      (    )54. A. barrier           B. bandage
      C. stick            D. basin
      (    )55. A. deaf        B. crazy   C. mad      D. blind
      (    )56. A. noise            B. music
      C. voice              D. sound
      (    )57. A. crying     B. laughing
      C. reading    D. singing
      (    )58. A. expected          B. charged
      C. intended           D. organized
      (    )59. A. picked up        B. threw away
      C. put down         D. hid away
      (    )60. A. decision          B. memory
      C. program          D. design
      As everyone knows, the skin is       61      (importance) to us. It acts as a barrier       62      disease and the sun’s harmful rays. Our skins can sometimes
      63      (burn) because of our carelessness. You can get burnt by       64      variety of things. Therefore, first aid shows its importance in the       65        (treat) of burns.
      Generally speaking, burns,       66      are caused by hot liquids, fire, radiation and so on, can be divided into three types — first degree, second degree and third degree  67      (depend) on the injured layers of the skin. For first degree burns, cool water proves to be helpful in   68    (stop) the burning process and preventing or
      reducing pains. If the injuries are second or third degree burns,       69      is vital for the victim to go to hospital immediately. Above all, we should do     70    we can to protect our skins.
      61. __________________ 62. __________________
      63. __________________ 64. __________________
      65. __________________ 66. __________________
      67. __________________ 68. __________________
      69. __________________ 70. __________________
      四、 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
      增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(Λ ),并在其下面写出该加的词。
      注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;
      2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。
      Dear David,
      I’m glad that you have noticed the efforts we are made to protect the environment. Thank you for your concern.
      As too many use of plastic bags has caused serious white pollution, our government encourages us to use environment-friendly shopping bag. These bags are made from a variety of materials that they can be easily treated when they become rubbish. Beside, they can be reused. More and more people in China had realized the advantages of so bags and have started using them.
      I believe that the widely use of these shopping bags can greatly improve your environment. This is one of the many steps we are taking to make our country cleaner place.

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